Tree & Leaf Pick-Up


The City’s collection of yard waste for 2023 will begin the first week of April and run through the first week of December. Yard waste materials consist of grass and shrubbery cutting, leaves and tree limbs. No trash, stones or sand may be mixed in.


  • Garbage cans marked “Yard Waste Only” which do not exceed 45 gallons in size nor 50 pounds in weight. Adhesive labels for cans will be available at City Hall.
  • Paper yard waste bags that do not exceed 30 pounds in weight.
  • Brush should not exceed five feet in length or 50 pounds in weight.
  • Brush should be placed parallel with roadway. Do not cover water valves, storm drains or man holes. Do not place against, near or between any poles, signs, guy-wires or under any low hanging trees or wires.
  • Do not put yard waste in the road.
  • Organic yard waste only.
  • Animal waste will not be picked up.
  • Garbage will not be picked up.
  • Construction material will not be pick up (processed lumber, brick, decorative block, dirt, rock, sand etc.) It will be the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of these items at his/her own expense.
  • Any trees trimmed or cut down by a contractor will not be picked up.  The contractor or home owner is responsible for removal of the debris. 
  • If large limbs or other tree trimmings exceeding the above limits, the homeowner should call City Hall to arrange access to the City Disposal Area.

Residents are reminded that these services are offered strictly for yard maintenance purposes. Any abuse of these services such as tree topping, entire hedge removal etc. resulting in large piles of brush, branches, roots and the like will not be permissible. These large piles will be left for the property owner to dispose of at his/her own expense. City crews will not enter onto private property in performance of this service.

Any cans, bags, or bundles that do not meet the above requirements will not be collected.