About Our Water

Water Wells

The City of El Paso obtains it's water from five wells located around the city. The water from these wells is pumped to the water treatment plant at 301 West Front Street. There the water is filtered and softened before being chlorinated and pumped into the water mains throughout the city.

Water Treatment Plant

The treatment plant pumps an average of approximately 400,000 gallons of water each day to meet the city's demand. Any water that is not immediately needed for use by the customers is stored in two 250,000 gallon water towers located on each side of the city.

Water Quality

The quality of the water entering and leaving the plant is monitored for nine different parameters on a daily basis 365 days a year. In addition to these tests each month samples are collected from each well and four locations around the city. These tests are taken to a certified laboratory where they undergo bacterial testing.


It is our goal to provide the safe high quality water to our customers at a reasonable cost.