Our Sewer System

Sewer Information

Our sewer system was installed in the city in 1969. The system consists of a network of gravity flow sewer mains, which carry the water to one of the seven sewer pumping stations around the city. For treatment the water is pumped into the treatment plant located about one and one half miles northeast of the city. At the treatment plant the water starts an approximate 45 day process, which takes it through a three stage aerated lagoon system before passing through a sand filter and being discharged to the stream.

Customer Responsibilities

As a reminder to our customers, all sump pumps are required to discharge on top of the ground or into a storm drainage tile. Discharging a sump pump into the sanitary sewer is illegal. Discharging into the sanitary sewer not only causes sewer backups during wet weather, but also increases the sewage treatment cost, which in turn results in higher bills for our customers.